Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Closing in

I'm closing in on the final stages of Hey, Teach. Last night I finished the stockinette portion of the second front half. Nothing left now but the center ribbing, lace, button bands, blocking, sewing together, neckline ribbing, weaving in ends and final wash/block. It sounds like a lot when I list it, but that's all small stuff.

And I expect to finish this half today. In fact, I'm so sure of it, I'm going to go ahead and change the progress bar on the left sidebar to reflect its completion.

Here's where it was as of last night:

Expect to see a photo of it completed tomorrow. And maybe, depending on how well today goes, the button bands too.

I need to find my camera so I can get good pictures of the finished object! And I need to find it soon, because I have a feeling this project will be completed very soon. Yay!

I also bought fabric yesterday to make a skirt...I think they'll be cute together. If I'm right, I'll post a photo of the whole outfit once I finish it all.

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