Wednesday, June 10, 2009


As expected, I completed the right front of Hey, Teach last night. I didn't get a chance to work the buttonbands, but I'm about to start on those.

I did realize that I made one minor mistake. I was supposed to put the neckline stitches on a holder, and instead, I bound them off. No big deal, though. I'll either pick up stitches for the neckline (and do the same on the back so it'll be consistent) or I'll snip a stitch and undo the bindoff. Either way, it'll be pretty simple. I'm not worried about that.

I'm thinking that binding off would look better, because I have to pick up stitches along the vertical edges anyway and it would be more consistent. BUT I think using live stitches would be more comfortable: no potentially uncomfortable seam across my chest/back.

Any suggestions or opinions? They are, as always, very welcome.

And now, for today's photo. This is, what, Day 13? Doesn't look like I'll make it in 2 weeks. But it won't be much longer than that. I can deal with that.

I really hope I can finish the buttonbands today so I can block these tonight. I'm ridiculously excited to see how it looks all blocked and sewn together. I just hope that blocking it so it looks really good doesn't make it too big. It shouldn't, but I'm a worrier.

By the way, I know the pattern says to block, sew the shoulder seams, do the neckline ribbing and THEN do the button bands. I'm choosing not to do all that. I think it'll look better if the neckline ribbing goes across the top of the button bands, as well as the rest of the sweater, which means the button bands have to be completed before the neckline ribbing. And the only reason for the blocking and sewing is that those are prerequisites for the neckline ribbing, so those can also wait.

I do have to go find and buy buttons at some point soon though. I haven't picked those up yet, and I'll need them once I start putting this together. I'll probably end up with something pretty similar to those shown in the model photo on the pattern. I like the wood, and I've seen some very similar ones at Wal-Mart. Which is good, because Wal-Mart is pretty much the only option I have. Well, or Hancock Fabric, if I wanna wait till the weekend. I don't want to wait.

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JessicaRose said...

I agree that the bind off will look more consistant.

its looking so good. makes me want to cast on a sweater. hehe