Saturday, January 20, 2007


So...disaster just struck with my Rogue. (Rogue Project Details located below.)

I was merrily knitting along, almost to the point of reattaching the kangaroo pocket and totally finished with the lower portion of Chart A. I started the upper portion of Chart A and then, a few rows in, I realized something didn't look right. Rather than my cables twisting together, they were snaking back and forth across each other. Uh oh.

So I consulted the chart, and sure enough...I screwed up. 12 rounds down, on row 25, I crossed a cable in the wrong direction. I followed the directions perfectly for the Cable 5 Right symbol. Unfortunately, the symbol in that position on the chart is not the Cable 5 Right symbol. It's the Cable 5 Left symbol. And I never noticed until I got to row 36.

I was forced to make a decision...leave it, frog or try to drop stitches and fix my mistake. I opted for dropping stitches. (No way was I frogging that much work, I was already about to cry as it was, and frogging all that would make me feel sick and want to give up on Rogue, and I want this to be perfect, so I wasn't going to just leave that mistake either.) So I dropped 7 sts 12 rows and started the arduous task of picking them all back up. Finally I was back to where I started. Of course it doesn't look quite as beautiful as it did...the sts are looser and not as even. I evened them out some and it looks better, and I think blocking will help quite a bit. I'm still very disappointed, but I think I can live with it and still be proud of my work.

The only thing is...I made that mistake on both sides. So now I've got to do the whole dropping sts thing again.

Ah well, such is life, I suppose. Life and knitting.

Rogue Project Details

Pattern: Rogue celtic-cabled pullover hoodie
Yarn: Brown Sheep Naturespun Worsted in color #N20, Arctic Moss
Modifications (so far): None, except a smaller hem (5 rows instead of 12) and a slightly smaller gauge, which will hopefully help make the whole sweater fit my small frame better
Start Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Completion Date: TBA


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