Saturday, January 20, 2007

New blog for us, woohoo!

Since Jess and I always post all our knitting stuff in our respective LiveJournals, thereby subjecting a lot of uninterested nonknitters to our content , I thought it was about time we created a knitting blog. A shared one, since we're basically the same person anyway. Besides, we always wanted to start a crafting, if we ever do anything with that idea, we've already got our blog all set up here.

And besides, it's hard for me to keep up with projects on LiveJournal. It'll be much easier to track progress on here, since all the posts will be about knitting...well, okay, mostly about knitting. There may be a few other crafts sprinkled in as well.

Even if she and I are the only two who ever read this, that's okay too. We're writing mostly for ourselves (and each other) anyway.

I'm still working on customizing this, by the way. It's pretty ugly right now, since it's in the middle of a transformation. It'll be pretty when I finish.

Technical (and some graphical) assistance provided by Luke. Thanks Luke.

-Pixie (aka Amie)

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Anonymous said...

pixie, it's your sp stopping by to say hi. :)