Monday, January 22, 2007

my first post!

Since Pixie made a post I suspect its time I do the same. She is currently working on Rogue (as you have read) and I'll be starting it shortly. I printed the pattern last night and have read over it a few times and will be swatching later this week. I'm making mine out of Patons Classic Merino in the dark natural mix, since I got it onsale at Joann's and it was the cheapest option available to me (money is very much an issue right now).

On the needles right now are what I'm referring to as my "autumn socks". They are being worked toe up and I kinda adapted a few patterns together with my gauge to get the socks. They are being worked on size 00 dpn's and out of knitpicks self striping yarn. I'm currently on the gusset increases for the second sock. I'm also getting a new addi turbo later this week and will start on Justin's socks next week (two at a time magic loop method). It will be my first magic loop project. But I told myself that I must learn something knew in knitting and that is what I picked. Plus I want to see if I can finish socks any faster two at a time.

I dont really have anything else to add. Right now I'm just excited that I remembered what I was told to do in order to log in (yes it actually took me a while to figure it out).

oh oh I should also mention that I won the ebay auction for that swift! Actually I was outbid then I got discouraged went to watch Heroes. Justin kept an eye on the auction and then won it for me. Our total was $21.01 + $4.55 (shipping)= $25.56. It is of course an old one. But I'm hoping it will still work beautifully and have no doubts that it will. She already confirmed payment recieved and said she'd mail it out tomorrow!

okay that's all for now, maybe a picture update on the autumn socks tomorrow.

Autumn Socks Project Details

Pattern: my own
Yarn: Knitpicks Self Striping in color Autumn (i think... they dont sell the yarn anymore and I lost the ballband)
Start Date: unsure really. I know I started the first one when I was still in KY. But then didn't work on it forever. it was finished for a while then I took it apart and reworked the leg portion. I CO for the second one on... okay turns out I can't remember that either but it was about a week ago or so.
Completion Date: TBA

-Rose (aka Jess)


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