Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Okay, I managed to salvage Rogue. I got all the stitches picked back up, with the cables crossed correctly this time, used a spare needle to even out the loose stitches, and tugged and pulled it in all directions to even them out even more. The loose stitches aren't really visible now, and after I block it, they'll be even less so.

I did screw up a little on my increases as I got further up the sweater. It makes one side of the cable look a little odd. You can't really tell what I did without looking closely, it just looks a little wobbly because the stitches next to it are pulling on it. I don't think blocking's going to do much for that. But it's not really that noticeable anyway, just a little off, and like I said, you don't notice unless you look closely. Considering that it will located under my arm when the sweater is worn, I don't think that's going to be a problem. So I left it.

I'm now up to the neckline. I can't believe how quickly I'm racing through this thing. I expected it to take months, and here I am, almost finished with the main body. I expect to have the main body completed by tomorrow at the latest.

Then I'm going to put Rogue aside for a while to make Mom a white sweater. She needs one and can't find one in stores, so I'm going to knit a quick one for her. Should, theoretically, go even more quickly than Rogue. No cables or anything like that. Simple.

I'll return to Rogue for the sleeves and hood after the white sweater is completed.

So, now that I've given a Rogue update, time for what everyone really wants: pictures! The pics aren't very good. I could not, for the life of me, get the camera settings right. I tried everything. Finally I gave up and decided these would be okay. It's hard to do anything graphical on this computer anyway, it doesn't work so well.

And eventually, I'll come up with a better way of posting pictures. I don't much care for photobucket anymore. Especially since it doesn't work right on this computer, and I have a feeling I may be posting a lot.

Anyway, here's pics. I'm SO proud of this sweater!



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